Skingredients - What's Your Recipe?

Skingredients® is a balanced skin diet, a capsule skincare collection made up of the key ingredients that all hoomans’ skin needs, featuring the Core 4 as well as Mix + Match products so that your recipe is customisable to you.

The Core 4

The Skingredients® Core 4 is the basis of any Skingredients® skincare recipe, with a cleanser, pre-serum, serum and SPF filled with vitamins, fats, and fruit, veg and botanical extracts for healthy skin. It’s food for your face!

What is Skingredients®?

Created by Jennifer Rock, award-winning skin tutor, dermal facialist and CEO of The Skin Nerd® including Nerd Network and Cleanse Off Mitt®, Skingredients® is a skincare range formulated for use by all hoomans of all ages with active ingredients to nourish, protect and maintain your skin.

Your skincare routine should be like a balanced dinner plate of the ingredients that skin benefits from – what you’re putting on the inside should be going on the outside too!

Cruelty-free, fragrance-free and vegan-friendly.

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Mix + Match

Products to turbocharge and customise your Skingredients® recipe for extra va-va-voom.

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