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What is Skingredients®?
Skingredients® is a balanced skin diet, a capsule skincare collection made up of the key ingredients that all hoomans’ skin needs, featuring the Core 4 as well as Mix + Match products so that your recipe is customisable to you.

Skingredients are ingredients that you put on your skin that mirror what you put into your body, including antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and good fats.

What is the Core 4?
The Skingredients® Core 4 is the basis of any Skingredients® skincare recipe, with a cleanser, pre-serum, serum and SPF filled with vitamins, fats, and fruit, veg and botanical extracts for healthy skin. It’s food for your face!
My product isn't coming out! What can I do?
As Skin Protein and Skin Veg are in airless pump packaging, what you’re experiencing is likely not a faulty pump, but an air pocket.

Our bottle specialist (yes, we have one) advises that you store it the right way up and bang the bottom of the product against a counter (oo-er). Hopefully, that will knock that air pocket right out and you’ll be able to use your Skingredients again – woo!

What are the Mix + Match range for?
The Mix + Match products are designed to customise and turbocharge your Skingredients® routine for the best results. They’re like the seasoning for your skin meal, allowing you to be the skin chef that you’ve always wanted to be.
What price are the products?
Skingredients® products are €25 – €42, a bit lower than the norm for a range that carries the type of ingredients we do, if we do say so ourselves.
Are they cruelty-free?
No creatures were harmed in the creation of Skingredients® and our Leaping Bunny certification is pending!
Are they vegan-friendly?
Skingredients® is formulated without animal-derived ingredients and we are pending certified Vegan status.
Are they travel-friendly?
At 100ml and lower, all Skingredients® products can make it into your carry-on luggage, so you can carry on with your life without wondering if the mean security man is using your good skincare.
What age are they for?
Skingredients® is for all hoomans of all ages but here are our general guidelines:
From 6 months+: PreProbiotic Cleanse, Skin Veg, Skin Shield SPF 50 +++
13 years+: Skin Protein, A-HA Cleanse, Sally Cleanse

Why 13 years or up for Skin Protein, A-HA Cleanse and Sally Cleanse? As potent products that work to speed up skin cell turnover, they’re usually just not that necessary until 13 years of age!

Are your product bottles recyclable or refillable?
We are looking into making our product bottles refillable and/or easily recyclable at present. We will admit that it is proving tricky as our potent active ingredients require airless pump bottles to keep them fresh and effective. If you are a packaging expert who knows how we can keep Skingredients doing its job whilst doing its bit for the environment, please do send us an email at hello@skingredients.com.

The outer tubes of Skingredients are recyclable and also highly reusable. In Nerd HQ, we use them to store pens, pencils, makeup brushes and the cleanser tubes are the ideal size to store your wrap for lunch. Don’t ask us how we know that.

What skin type are they for?
We bring the controversy: we don’t think skincare should be based on skin type alone so the Core 4 are formulated to suit everyone (although Skin Protein and Sally Cleanse should be avoided if you’re pregnant).
Why is A-HA Cleanse no longer available?
We will be launching a reformulated A-HA Cleanse in 2020! For the time being, A-HA Cleanse won’t be available from stockists or online – thank you for your understanding.
Can men use Skingredients®?
Of course men can use Skingredients®. The physiological differences between women and men’s skin are actually minimal. Men are a bit oilier and tend to have thicker skin due to differing hormone levels but in our eyes, that just means that they can use Sally Cleanse more often.
How long does it take to see a difference?
28 days later, like the zombie film with Cillian Murphy. Why 28 days? It’s the length of the average skin cycle! Give it a go – take a selfie on day 1 and another on day 28. If you’re impressed, feel free to tag us on social with your results (@skingredients, #skingredients)!
Where can I get Skingredients®?
You can order it right here or check out our list of stockists nationwide!
Can I use Skingredients® with other products and brands?
Abso-bloody-lutely. No need to bin your long time faves for us.

Disclaimer: using Skingredients® may result in binning your long time faves. The stuff is goo-o-o-ood. We’ll get back in our box now.

What does active/results-driven skincare mean?
Active skincare, or active ingredients, is skincare that actually makes a difference to the skin. Most of the time it’s used to refer to skincare that contains ingredients that are proven to do specific things (act as an antioxidant, brighten, increase skin cell turnover) in larger amounts.

Active skincare is skincare that can actually bring about a result.

What is a capsule collection?
It’s a curated, simplified, mix + matchable collection of things, whether it be a skincare collection or a wardrobe. The products in Skingredients® are versatile and multipurpose so there’s less clutter in your shelfie.
Can I use Skingredients® with other products and brands?
Abso-bloody-lutely. No need to bin your long time faves for us.

Disclaimer: using Skingredients® may result in binning your long time faves. The stuff is goo-o-o-ood. We’ll get back in our box now.

Can I get Skingredients® on the Nerd Network store?
Oh, you’re a member of the Nerd Network? Party. You can totally get Skingredients® on the Nerd Network store alongside the rest of your recommended routine and if you want to introduce Skingredients® to your existing routine, just get in touch with your Nerd or Nerdette who will be happy to advise you!
Is the Cleanse Off Mitt® part of Skingredients®?
Has anyone ever told you you ask good questions? Cleanse Off Mitt® is technically the “00” that comes before 01 PreProbiotic Cleanse, but out of respect for the Royal COMness, Cleanse Off Mitt® is a thing in its own right.

If you’ve noticed, we recommend using the Cleanse Off Mitt® with all of the cleansers in Skingredients. We’re loyal.

What is the Cleanse Off Mitt®?
We’re glad you asked. The Cleanse Off Mitt® is a reusable, washable makeup removal tool created as a skin-friendly alternative to wipes. Find out more at www.cleanseoffmitt.com.
Where is Skingredients® made?
Skingredients® is a globe-trotter. Our cleansers are made in Ireland (agus bródúil as) and the other products are made in the US of A, home of Kelly Clarkson, In-N-Out Burger and reality TV.

Our packaging was designed in the UK and made in China. See, well-travelled.

Are they free from parabens and other “nasties”?
“Nasties” are in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless, Skingredients® is paraben-free, free from SLS, free from essential oils, free from synthetic fragrances and free from animal-derived ingredients.

Skingredients® does contain some palm oil derivatives but these derivatives are all from certified sustainable palm oil. Find out more about the RSCO and sustainable palm oil at https://rspo.org.

How can I find out more about the ingredients?
Check out our comprehensive Skingredients® glossary containing all of the ingredients you’ll find in our products!
If you’ve noticed, we recommend using the Cleanse Off Mitt® with all of the cleansers in Skingredients. We’re loyal.
How can I get in touch?
Check out our Contact Us page!
Can I place an order over the phone?
We’re working on making phone orders available very soon, so stay tuned.
Can I add or remove products to my order?
If you’ve made a mistake when ordering, or if there was an error with our website, just pop us an email at hello@skingredients.com or give us a call and we’ll sort it out ASAP.
How can I exchange/return?
Have a read of our refunds policy down the bottom of the page.
How long will delivery take?
If you’re in Ireland, your Skingredients® will be delivered in approximately 1 business day. If you’re in the EU, you’ll get your order in approximately 2 business days. If you’re in any other corner of the world, you’ll get your order in approximately 3 business days. 1, 2, 3!

Please keep in mind that we can’t control customs… But if we could, we would.

Can I track my order?
At the mo, we don’t have that feature but we’re working on it for the future!
The product I want is out of stock!
It’ll be back soon! You can sign up for our wait list to find out when it will be back in stock
I am interested in being a stockist.
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